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Personalized Color/Body* & Wardrobe Analysis

$2650 lifetime investment (1.5 day)

In this once-in-a-lifetime full image analysis we will walk you through each step to determine your best shades, best styles, best combinations; the best you. Do you need some direction when choosing the right hair color, makeup, shopping or how to wear colors in ways you never knew existed before? Wouldn’t it be great if you understood how to dress so you could balance your body and learned how to conceal your flaws and reveal your amazing assets? Most importantly, how to effortlessly use your entire wardrobe and how to get more out of your closet by accessorizing. Learn how to change a nice look into an even more fabulous one!

Body/Wardrobe Analysis & Closet Edit

$2000 investment (for a day)

Are you tired of standing in front of your well-packed closet and thinking that you have nothing to wear? Especially after spending your hard earned money on clothes. Studies show that 80% of women only wear 20% of their wardrobe, this occurs because we don’t have the knowledge or education to make the right purchases or we become so overwhelmed that when we look in our closet we can’t tell what works best for our body or shape. Wouldn’t your life be easier if you actually knew how to put together an outfit that suits your body, have a seasonal color palette, an outfit for each occasion, but most importantly, having a closet full of garments that you actually want to wear!

Private Makeup Lessons W/ Color Analysis

$1250 (This includes one hour makeup shopping session with $250 gift card)

Once we determine your color season by analyzing your hair, eye, and skin tone, you will make correct choices about makeup that complement your season and look. You’d be surprised by how a dash of the right lip gloss can make you not only look but also feel younger. The right colors minimize your fine lines and circles under your eyes. The goal is to keep it simple and avoid disharmony as you alter your “imperfections” while boosting your confidence and self-esteem.

Personal Shopping

Stylist Abigail will meet you at the store or shopping district that meets your personal and financial needs. Whether you want to shop at boutiques, department stores, vintage or consignment shops, this session will be an enjoyable learning experience on how to style for everyday to work or for a special event. Abigail will facilitate contacting each location beforehand, so you have a one-of-a-kind experience and tailored to your needs. (If you would like to add a closet edit this will be done at a discounted price with personal shopping)

4 hours pricing $800

Closet Edit

Cleaning out your closet isn’t fun for you … I totally get it. But that’s where I come in. Together we will eliminate clothes you don’t wear, no longer fit, or are dated. I can assist with either the donation of your items to a charity or organization that fits your beliefs or set up a sales site to recoup some new shopping funds.

During the session we can also visit a tailor to pin clothing that needs to be altered & mended. Or I can have a tailor come to you (additional fee)

During the session as we clean out your closet, I will create a list of items your wardrobe would benefit from (aka: items I think you need to style yourself easier). From that point I will tell you where to purchase clothing and have you go at it yourself or we can tackle shopping together on a different day (personal shopping & clothing edit bundle available at a lower rate). Depending on how big your closet is, cleaning it out should take between 3-6 hours. Imagine a clutter free closet sorted by color, season, and necessity. I also offer monthly maintenance closet organization. Pricing is based on a 3 or 6 hour session.

3 hours-$450 / 6 hours- $900

Custom styling for 2 weeks of outfits

How many times have you opened your closet and felt like you had nothing to wear? Working together we can create 2 weeks’ worth of styled looks from your current wardrobe. How would you like to wake up and start your day with no stress of what you are going to wear? The way we start our day determines the entire trajectory of our mood as well and so many factors of our day. When you feel good you look good and taking the entire equation out of what to wear will set you up for success. We can create 14 looks and segment them into work, casual, special event, street style, day and night however you wish according to your lifestyle. 

$750 4 Hours

Make Overs

A complete new you, everything included in my services as well as a 7 day transformation with hair services, medical spa services, concierge appointments for any surgical procedures, makeup lessons as well as hair style lessons. A photo shoot can be added for an additional fee with one of our trusted female photographers.

$5000 7 Day Transformation

One Hour Consultation

Knowing that you want to look and feel your absolute best, but not knowing where or how to start can be so frustrating! You have done some research, you feel like you’ve tried “almost everything” to the best of your ability, unsuccessfully taken feedback from your girlfriends/strangers, yet you still can’t be fully content with the reflection in the mirror. You my dear, are not alone, 85% of the worldwide population suffers from low self-esteem, this only means that confidence is more rare than we think, but not unattainable. It is time to stop beating yourself up about what you don’t like about yourself and get enlightenment on how to work with everything you’ve got, the right way, from a knowledgeable beauty expert! (No, your family/girlfriends don’t know you best in this department!) You were blessed with unique features and assets that some wish for and yet you don’t even realize it! It’s time to take charge of your image and invest in yourself. The priceless confidence that you will gain from our professional guidance will change your life in every aspect because the better you look the better you will feel!

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