Lash Bundle #2


Radiate Bundle/Collection (4 Styles)
Radiate self-confidence and optimism with our Radiate Bundle, this collection is designed to enhance your appearance on any occasion or time of day. Volume cat-eye, baby-doll lash style provides the evening look while classic lash-extension effect, wispy, fullness, and length, are the styles to choose from for daywear.

1. Bold & Beautiful – Our “Bold & Beautiful” lash is our one-of-a-kind cat eyelash with volume, shorter on the inner corner and longer on ends for a winged effect. This style is best for hooded eyes but of course, for any beauty seeking to achieve a bold cat eye.

2. Dreamy Eyes – “Dreamy Eyes” is our best-selling evening eyelash style that gives you a lifting appearance while opening up the eyes. This babydoll eyelash style is best suitable for almond eyes or for added drama.

3. Lash Extension Vibes – This classic lash-extension look has no dramatic change in length from the inner and outer edges; it is perfect for clients who already have a lot of lashes but want to add more length.

4. The Perfect Daytime Lash – This three-dimensional, wispy, and full lash style gives you a natural flared look along with the perfect length blending flawlessly with your natural lashes helping your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

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